OpenGL Shading Language (3rd Edition)

The definitive OpenGL Shading Language reference AND tutorial - now fully updated and revised for the latest version * *Includes extensive new coverage, including a thorough discussion of GLSL for OpenGL ES, the emerging standard for handheld media devices. *Clear, approachable, and relevant examples that help programmers quickly address the challenges they’re most likely to encounter. * Authored by experts who have been intimately involved in the design and evolution of the OpenGL Shading Language. OpenGL Shading Language, 3/e is the definitive guide to creating graphics applications with the newest version of the OpenGL Shading Language. Using this book, graphics programmers will learn how to exploit the full performance and flexibility of modern GPU hardware to create stunningly realistic and creative effects. One part reference, one part tutorial, this will be their go-to source from the moment they begin learning the language until they’ve become seasoned experts. This book’s content has become ever more important to a wider spectrum of graphics programmers. For years, programmers treated graphics hardware as ‘state machines’ whose behavior could only be modified by changing bits of state. This severely limited the effects they could realistically achieve. The OpenGL Shading Language puts control of graphics hardware squarely in the programmer’s hands: key stages of the graphics pipeline are now completely programmable. With this new freedom, of course, the programmer also gains new responsibilities. It’s a fundamental paradigm shift – and this book will help programmers make the leap. This edition covers significant enhancements in the new version of OpenGL Shading Language, including the latest version of GLSL for OpenGL ES, the emerging standard for handheld media devices. As in previous editions, however, it relies throughout on clear, approachable code samples that address the specific tasks and skills graphics programmers are most likely to need

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