OpenGL SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference (5th Edition)

The comprehensive, hands-on guide to OpenGL is now fully updated for OpenGL 3.X, and is now part of the official OpenGL series from AW • •This is the best all-around introduction to OpenGL for a programmer at any level of experience. •Fully revised and updated, with new or re-written coverage on OpenGL 3.X •Includes an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad tutorial, with example programs for those devices. •Now part of the official OpenGL series, which will give it more visibility within the OpenGL community. OpenGL is the leading 3D API (programmers toolkit) for real-time computer graphics. It is the foundation of on-screen special effects for today’s hottest computer games, flight simulators, computer interfaces, cell phone games, and business graphics. The OpenGL SuperBible is the programmer’s guide, tutorial, and complete reference for this leading industry standard. Each chapter is a tutorial, explaining not only the API, but the programming concepts they enable. In addition to tutorials and sample programs, the book also includes a complete reference of the API, that will remain a useful addition to any programmer’s bookshelf for years. This fifth edition update includes big changes, including coverage of OpenGL 3/x and using OpenGL in iPhone application development. The API reference material has been significantly updated and is now based on the official ARB OpenGL manual pages. In addition, the ARB’s ‘official’ SDK will be used to make access to the full OpenGL API as painless as possible.

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