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A collection of especially well designed websites, organised by design features and overall style. Submit your favourites (or your own) and give kudos where it's due to these gorgeous works of art.

Filter by style or design features to explore techniques you can put to use on your own websites, and the best ways to use them.

Gorgeous and unique site of Melbourne artist Vikki Ong.
Style: Artistic
Design features: Illustration
Small subtleties to the design (try mousing over a user) make this clean site really stand out. A pleasure to browse.
Style: Colourful
Design features:
Gorgeous on mobile or desktop, lovely visual design and extremely impressive animation and rich interactions. Full of delighters that are hard to ignore.
Style: Colourful, Vibrant
Design features: Interactive navigation, Tiles
Crisp but human, with spot on typography and lovely animated illustration
Design features: Illustration, Animation
Design features:
Design features:
Main portal of the Blizzard Entertainment video game developer and publisher
Style: Colourful, Dark, Rich
Design features: Illustration, Animation
Style: Skeuomorphism
Design features:
Style: Minimal
Design features: Full screen images, Tiles
Personal portfolio
Style: Minimal
Design features: Full screen images
Technology news
Style: Colourful, Modern
Design features: Gradient

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