Laptop configurations

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A particular hardware configuration of a laptop, also known as a "model" of a laptop. While these may have the same product name, the configurations may have different internals, such as different processors, graphics cards, or RAM size.

The different configurations will typically have a different code to identify it, referred to as a model number, order number, or part number.

Processor: Intel Core i7-8650U
RAM capacity: 16 GB
Storage capacity: 512 GB
Battery capacity (WH): 57
Display size (inches): 14.0
Display resolution (px): 2560 x 1440
Display multi-touch: No
Weight (kg): 1.13
Dimensions: Width: 32.35 cm (12.74 in), height: 1.595 cm (0.63 in), depth: 21.71 cm (8.55 in)
Integrated graphics:
Discrete graphics:
RAM speed (MHz): 2133
RAM type: LPDDR3
Storage type: PCIe NVMe
Model number: 20KH002KUS

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