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1 Alan Zucconi

Alan Zucconi is a British software developer, game developer, and writer. He is particularly notable for his high quality Unity tutorials.

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1 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen)
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The 2018 edition of the legendary premium business class Ultrabook, now featuring Intel's 8th generation processors.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a rugged, yet slim and lightweight business laptop, also notable for it's long battery life.

1 Phil Michalaki SFX Store
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A collection of packaged sound effects of good quality, particularly sci-fi sounds effects.

Some are paid, and some are available for free, and royalty-free

4 Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition
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Thoroughly revised, this third edition focuses on modern techniques used to generate synthetic three-dimensional images in a fraction of a second. With the advent of programmable shaders, a wide variety of new algorithms have arisen and evolved over the past few years. This edition discusses current, practical rendering methods used in games and other applications. It also presents a solid theoretical framework and relevant mathematics for the...

6 Game dev books

The following books were recommended by developers in posts and comments on the Game Developer Stack Exchange.

The list includes how many times they were mentioned, so you can see which are more prominent in the game developer community. Books mentioned more than 3 times were included, in order to focus on quality over quantity. You can sort the books by mentions....

1 Google Poly
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Google's Poly service was set up in late 2017 to provide free low poly models for user, mostly in AR or VR applications.

Poly features tools to upload your own models or remix the models of others.

1 Products

A product currently, or previously, available for purchase.

1 Books

Books. Physical or eBooks.

1 Kenney - Assets
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Fairly extensive collection of some nice graphics for your games. Most of them are free, and there's some gems in there. They also offer some paid assets, for a low price.

0 Uber
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Uber is a technology company providing ride-sharing software.

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A site that specialises in icons for your game's UI

1 TurboSquid
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A marketplace of professional higher quality 3D models, with prices to match. The collection is quite extensive, and the site is easy to navigate.

1 Bootstrap form builder
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A drag-and-drop wysiwig bootstrap form builder

1 unlike kinds
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