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A source of information on Search Engine Optimisation

This can include videos, documents, or articles

Presented in non-technical language, an excellent article from a BBC employee about SEO techniques employed there
Google's official guidelines for webmasters to help Google index your site effectively. A detailed list of dos and don'ts - an essential read for any publisher.
A large, detailed PDF guide on optimising your site for search engines. Most relevant for Google, but also applicable to other search engines.
The definitive beginner's guide to SEO from Moz, one of the most prolific organisations in the search engine optimisation world
Useful videos with information and tools to help you increase your Google ranking
A video from Google Webmaster Help on YouTube with some useful tips on SEO.
Google's official guide on outsourcing your SEO. Lots of useful information, much of it warning you off shady SEO people.
A guide to link building, perhaps the most important SEO activity one can perform (apart from having quality content.) From Moz, a prolific organisation with significant SEO experience.

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