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A source of information on Search Engine Optimisation

This can include videos, documents, or articles

Google's official guidelines for webmasters to help you ensure you don't accidentally incur the G's wrath. Includes detailed guides about how to ensure Google perceives your site as high-quality. Details how Google interprets your site, and in particular, which techniques you should avoid in order to not get penalized.
Right from the horse's mouth, Google provides a guide for beginners to SEO on how to build your website in accordance with best practice, including how to organise your site, optimise the content, promote your site, and analyze performance.
The definitive beginner's guide to SEO from Moz, one of the most prolific organisations in the search engine optimisation world, and a trusted resource. Includes some excellent fundamental knowledge to help you frame your strategies in the world of search, then goes into tools, techniques, and monitoring.
A guide to link building, perhaps the most important SEO activity one can perform (apart from having quality content.) From Moz, a prolific organisation with significant SEO experience. Details the fundamentals, goes into the strategies and tools, and lists out some methods of tracking performance.

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