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A collection of information and tools for search engine optimisation, or search engine marketers.

A solid set of guides is available as well as tips coming straight from authoritative sources, like Google itself, including the one and only Matt Cutts.

Research how your site is doing with backlink research tools and SEO analysis tools. WooRank stands out in particular in providing a wealth of information that'll help you optimise your site for search engines.

SEO is often a misinformation minefield, so try to keep things cited and appropriate - oh, and don't spam your own high keyword density outsourced articles. :)

Feel free to add more as you find them.

A collection of particularly well designed websites, organised by design features and overall style. Submit your favourites (or your own) and give kudos where it's due to these gorgeous works of art.

Filter by style or design features used to explore how they can be put to use best.

Hunting for a domain can be time consuming. Almost all the good ones are gone.

What makes a good domain? Of course this depends on your needs. But you'll want something that's easy to spell (so no one has trouble typing it in), easy to remember, easy to pronounce (so people can easily tell eachother about it), and as short as possible. You should almost always avoid numbers, dashes, symbols, or homonyms.

The domain name finders listed below will assist in your search. They help with finding free domains that match your criteria. The more advanced ones will let you enter a word, and it will find similar words to search for.

As for the actual registering of domains, there's a huge selection, and many of them are awful. As the market is so competitive, many try to make a quick buck by haranguing you about the various add ons they provide. Some just simply overcharge. Many of the practises employed by registrars are, arguably, user hostile. For example, making it harder to transfer to another registrar, or disable auto-renewal of your domains.

In an early attempt to help find the more up-front and honest registrars, the list below includes the price, the price for private registration, and a number representing how many times you'll be prompted to add additional expenses before you get to purchase your domain - a heuristic for irritating business practises if you like. Take it with a grain of salt.

And as always, post more if you find some.

For coders, one of the most difficult aspects of creating a game is finding the graphics and sound resources needed to bring a game to life. If you can't pay someone to produce resources for you, you'll have to either find someone willing to work with you for free, buy them pre-made, or find free resources.

Your first step should be to check out if what you want has already been made - whether it's available for free or at a price. If, for example, you're making a space shooter, you'll be in luck as there's plenty of free space ship, laser-like, and explosion graphics and sound around. Check out the list of resources below for sites that stock free and paid graphics and sound. There's a good chance you'll be satisfied with what's already out there.

If you can't find anything out there, or if you're particular with what your game needs to be just right, paying someone to create exactly what you need is the best option - assuming you've got the cash. This way you get exactly what you're after and won't have to compromise your vision.

If you're strapped for cash but can't use something off the shelf, but you have skilled graphic designer or artist friends, you might be in luck. Ask around. Otherwise, hit up game developer forums and see if you can sway a friendly internet person to help you out. There's plenty of enthusiasts who might buy into your vision and be happy to work with you for free.

Get started by checking out the many sites providing graphics and sound below.