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A collection of information and tools for search engine optimisation, or search engine marketers.

A solid set of guides is available as well as tips coming straight from authoritative sources, like Google itself, including the one and only Matt Cutts….

A collection of particularly well designed websites, organised by design features and overall style. Submit your favourites (or your own) and give kudos where it's due to these gorgeous works of art.

Filter by style or design features used to explore how they can be put to use best.

Hunting for a domain can be time consuming. Almost all the good ones are gone.

What makes a good domain? Of course this depends on your needs. But you'll want something that's easy to spell (so no one has trouble typing it in), easy to remember, easy to pronounce (so people can easily tell eachother about it), and as short as possible. You should almost always avoid numbers, dashes, symbols, or homonyms….

For coders, one of the most difficult aspects of creating a game is finding the graphics and sound resources needed to bring a game to life. If you can't pay someone to produce resources for you, you'll have to either find someone willing to work with you for free, buy them pre-made, or find free resources….