SEO audit tools

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These tools audit your site in order to uncover any problems that may be hindering its performance in search engines.

They usually provide you with a report on your site’s performance against various issues known (or rumored) to effect search engine performance, allowing you to optimize your site to increase organic traffic.

Many companies, large and small, provide this kind of tool, typically for a price, and quality varies wildly.

WooRank is a tool that returns an extremely detailed analysis of your website from many varied angles that influence search engine rank This ranges from social impact, valid markup, keyword analysis, usability analysis, security and mobile concerns A very functional interface that clearly indicates any possible problems
Ahrefs is widely renowned, and near-unparalleled. However this quality comes at a steep price. At the core, they allow you to analyze your competitor's site, learn what factors are effecting their ability to rank on Google, and therefore what you can do to compete. This is primarily done with backlink analysis, but Ahrefs includes an overall competitor analysis, along with keyword, and content analysis. You can analyse your competitor's top pages, and even compare their top keywords with the keywords on your own site, to identify gaps in your content. Ahrefs also includes an advanced keyword research tool, identifying search volumes and cost-per-click.
An all-in-one SEO tool which gives you all the important functionality, with best-in-class data and analysis on a wealth of aspects of your site: organic keyword and pay-per-click advertising research, backlink analysis, and technical optimizations. SEMrush really shines when you enter a competitor's domain - you'll be presented with their best keywords, and performance reports. It also allows you to analyse your competitors' ad keywords and budgets. On top of this it provides an advanced site audit tool, a social media tracker and poster, including post scheduling and analysis, brand mention monitoring and more.
Serpstat is a general SEO tool providing position tracking, backlink analysis, competitor research, and a site audit. The keyword research identifies Google volume, competition, and cost-per-click rates. It also provides analysis on niche questions. For backlink analysis, Serpstat gives a detailed report on referring domains, backlinks with historical charts, and a quality score or rank. Serpstat also provides a site audit functionality, identifying errors and recommendations, analysing meta tags, headings, redirects, accessibility, and inbound links. It's error reports are detailed and instruct you on how to fix them. The cheapest tier provides a generous amount of data at a price that won't put you out of business.
This is a tool for local SEO, with Google My Business auditing, review monitoring on recommendation sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, and citation building and tracking. They also handling submitting your site to business directories and mapping services.
Raven has a suite of tools including site audits, backlink reports, and automated marketing reports. It can pull in data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, and social ads like Facebook and Twitter. As a site auditor, it identifies technical issues and metrics like page speed and mobile usability.
Pagelocity is a Web Page Optimization and Performance tool for web developers, designers and web site owners. It provides an in-depth analysis about a web page covering the following: social metrics, on-page SEO, web page resources, HTML/CSS insights and competitive analysis.
Dareboost provides an easy website optimization report, detailing errors and performance metrics. It includes the ability to monitor your site, so you can look back at historical performance, and receive regular reports to your inbox. Particularly of interest, it allows you to compare your website's performance with a competitor's.