SEO backlink checkers

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As every pro knows, backlinks are amongst the most, if not the most, important aspects of SEO. A backlink is simply a site linking to yours, but it’s extremely important to not just have many backlinks, but also high quality backlinks.

A quality backlink is one from a site that Google determines to be of quality - their impression of quality propagates along backlinks. That is, a link from the New York Times is far more valuable than a link in the comment section on a barely visited site with no good content.

Backlinks and content go hand in hand - if you’re producing quality content that gets linked by lots of quality sites, you’re on the right path.

The following tools allow you to analyse the backlinks of your site, and importantly, the backlinks of competitors sites. This is extremely important. If you’re targeting a particular keyword and your competitor is higher up on Google’s search results, analysing the backlinks of their page will give you insights into how they’re doing it - where their links are coming from, and what they look like.

You can then implement similar strategies.