Game development blogs

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Blogs with a game development focus. Typical content focuses around game design, art, sound articles, and design reviews

Personal site for Matthew S. Burns. Worked on large franchise games like Call of Duty and Halo, now independent.
A game development blog with posts which focus on writing for games and story
Detailed game design articles by Soren Johnson, many from Game Developer magazine. Worked on games like Civ 4 and Spore
Game design, reviews, and "other random stuff" by an MIT graduate professional game developer
Miscellaneous game development posts from an industry veteran
Game design and development blog of Ian Garstang. Tips, advice, interviews and a diary of his latest games
Video game thoughts from the creative lead of a small development studio
Game notes, reviews, and design articles from an HTML5 game developer
Informed criticism and discussion of video games
Game design and art posts
Articles about game sound from British sound designer, composer and writer, Kenneth Young
Game design articles from a game designer and artist