Game development blogs

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Blogs with a game development focus. Typical content focuses around game design, art, sound articles, and design reviews

A lovely blog for gamers and game makers with lots of technical and creative tutorials, and post mortems from game developer Dan Kenny
Detailed tutorials, analysis and giveaways are available at this handy, frequently updated blog for game developers
A long lived blog for game developers, featuring news, tutorials and in-depth analysis
A popular blog about game design, featuring analysis and reviews
A varied blog about game design, development, and production from an experienced industry game dev turned indie, with a number of iOS titles under his belt. Also includes discussion of the business side.
Detailed, technical articles on the fundamentals of the plumbing of game development, with a focus on networking and physics. From The Network Protocol Company, who appear to be a consultancy for, you guessed it, game networking.
A blog about game design centred around the design of Magic the Gathering, by veteran designer Mark Rosewater. Although not strictly about video game design, the principles explored apply to all flavours of game design.
A blog from veteran game designer Tadhg Kelly, a regular co tribute to gamasutra and Techcrunch. Excellent insights into how to go about thinking about game design.
A popular blog from professional game designer Chris DeLeon. Cred: worked at EA, had impressive success with games for iOS.
Discussion of the theory of game design, and theoretical aspects of development as it relates to their game, Overgrowth.
Great reads on game design, particularly in the strategy space by professional game designer Keith Burgun. Founded his own studio, wrote books on game design.
Comprehensive collection of detailed articles on game design theory and art