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Uber code texts don't stop trips you never took being charged to you

Your money can be stolen from your Uber account with dodgy Uber code texts

The SMS codes meant to protect your account seem to do nothing of the sort.
An early incarnation of the Lightning Network's testnet.

Bitcoin's Lightning Network doesn't require you to open a channel for each person you want to pay

Although Bitcoin's Lightning Network is now up and running, there's still misconceptions about what using it is like.
Google helps us find information easily but at what cost?

How Google is creating the One Page Web

Google's drive to make the web searchable is inevitably changing it. But is it changing it for the good?
Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel and his husband Gauthier Destenay.

"The Prime Minister and his husband": Gay leaders around the world

Meet the trail blazing LGBT politicians elected to lead their countries.
Uber's been in the news countless times for their bad behaviour. Image via [Flickr](

Theft and lies: why Uber doesn't deserve your business - and Uber alternatives

Uber's terrible behaviour is well documented, but they're not the only ride-hailing app around.

This might be why you procrastinate

Putting off work seems like an irrational, emotional thing to do. But there might be logical reasons why you'd rather be doing something else.

Game developers: don't use inheritance for your game objects

For game developers: we look at why you shouldn't use inheritance for your classes, and what you can use instead
The factors effecting cryptocurrency prices are particularly elusive.

When Does A Cryptocurrency Bubble Burst?

There's a long history of predicting the prices of traditional assets, but what could end the run away growth of cryptocurrency investment?
SegWit is a backwards-compatible change to how Bitcoin transactions are formatted, with two huge benefits.

How to switch to SegWit in 5 minutes (and why)

This Bitcoin tweak helps the whole network process more transactions, and you can start using now.
It's possible to save your sanity, battery, and data by blocking ads in apps, on the web, and even video ads on Android.

Block ads in apps on Android (including video ads)

Regain your sanity by learning how to block ads in apps on Android, including video ads.

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